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Themes of Research

6.Information Transmission Technology Research Division

Research Area

 This research division collects and analyzes information on areas such as transgenic plants, agricultural products, feed, food, and food additives (including on environmental risk assessment, food safety assessment, and detection method of GM organism (GMO)), and develops new methods for the assessment, detection, and analysis of GM crops or conducting research contributing to planning the development strategy for such plants. Moreover, in order to promote public understanding of gene modification technology, we develop and implement effective methods contributing to bi-directional discussion or enhancement of understanding through experiences; this is achieved by providing correct information to the society. Furthermore, we actively focus on material development for the promotion of public understanding of GM crops by educating students at the junior and senior high school and university levels, as well as by developing and implementing effective methods.


  1. International comparison and information transmission concerning environmental risk assessment of transgenic plants
  2. Development of new assessment concepts and methods for the safety assessment of GM food
  3. Development and implementation of effective methods for promoting public understanding of gene modification technology
  4. Material development and implementation for educating students at the junior and senior high school level


 Joint usage/research in this division focuses on providing information and materials on GMOs that have been accumulated mainly in transgenic plants, providing information on gene modification technology including textbooks for junior and senior high school, and providing presentation slides for lectures to promote public understanding of GM crops. In addition, we provide and promote various methods for the enhancement of understanding, i.e., via interactive communication and gene modification experiments for educational purposes, including their know-how. Furthermore, for the practical application of various GMOs, we provide information and instructions for planning strategic projects.